Today’s Fortbyte is the last Fortbyte in the series. Fortbyte # 38 is accessible with the vendetta outfit on the Northern Most Sky Platform, which is quite easy to find. The hint given is rather easy to understand and easy to follow.

Fortbyte # 38 Location - The last Fortbyte of the series
Fortbyte # 38 Location – The last Fortbyte of the series

As we are on the northernmost celestial platform, we will only reach one point on the island. This is right under the lazy lagoon, highlighted in the picture below. Take a look at the picture below to make it easier for yourself, without even looking for the northernmost sky platform.

However, this Fortbyte can only be accessed if you have the Vendetta outfit available. It’s a 100-pass Battle Pass skin this season, so make sure you’ve made it before heading off to the Fortbyte.

After all, we can conclude this guide as successful. If you have any suspicious or thought-provoking reason, please do so in the comment section below. There is nothing better than to leave the Fortbyte challenges behind with a style. Have a nice Fortnite adventure in the future!

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