Platinum Games explains the absence of Bayonetta 3 for Switch as of E3 2019
The 2019 issue of Chinajoy, an event in which Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya, Studio Head and Chief Game Designer at Platinum Games, respectively, were recently held, was completed.

Platinum: Bayonetta 3 The team is still developing and wants to
Platinum: Bayonetta 3 The team is still developing and wants to

During a panel, the two key figures in the video game panorama explained the path that led the team to realize the Bayonetta series and discussed the software house’s goals for the future. Kamiya pointed out that in the early days, platinum games had no big financial resources, but had by virtue of its potential in terms of talent. The goal of the team was to create a game that might attract attention in the then gaming scene, something that could fully represent the software house.

Inspired by a colleague who had expressed a desire to return to a 3D production signed by Kamiya, he proposed the idea of ?? Bayonetta, whose development was not part of the plans originally formulated by Platinum Games. In this way, a series was created, which should welcome her third chapter. The long-awaited Bayonetta 3 There is still no exact release date, but both Inaba and Kamiya have calmed the public by emphasizing this. The game’s evolution continues and the series is still important to the team, to the point that Kamiya hopes to become a classic, with a universe that can continue to expand in the future. However, both have also highlighted the desire to see Platinum engage in various genres of action games. In particular, the chief game designer hopes that in the future, thanks to the team’s reputation gained over time, players will be able to try completely new platinum-winning titles.

In June, Inaba stated that this case is still unannounced Platinum Games in development. What do you think, do you want the software house to leave the field of action games to try other genres?

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